Saturday, September 26, 2009

Just Gettin' Started...

My little care package from GW arrived today. Earlier this week, I ordered a Rune Priest and the new Direct Only Wolf Guard model. The Rune Priest has always been, in my opinion one of the coolest miniatures ever produced by GW. The pose is very dynamic and well-detailed with runes talismans - a true wolf brother.

The Wolf Guard is labeled as a SW Captain - honestly I'm not sure how I'll play him. He looks every bit the Lone Wolf, but I think he would serve well as a Wolf Guard Battle Leader or Pack Leader. But in any case, I'm glad to have that model as part of my small, but growing collection.

Update - I've got two Grey Hunters built from the old set and the work continues on that. Pics of those coming soon. My only concern with the old set is that they don't have the SW detail that the new ones do, so I'll probably add some bits from the new kits when they are released.

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