Thursday, October 1, 2009

Short Update

I used what bits that I had left and assembled another Grey Hunter, using a Chaos Marauder shield and pelt together with a Space Wolf head and torso. Part of the fun in collecting Space Wolves so far (for me at least), is taking the time to build one at a time and asking myself the question, 'How do I make this model look different from the rest?' If you can figure that out every time, then you can find real satisfaction in painting and playing with your army.

Painting - I tried painting a test model model last night using a straight grey scheme. Codex Grey, with Badab Black wash and then a Fortress Grey drybrush. I didn't like the way it turned out so, I chucked that one. Can anyone provide a good tutorial for painting Space Wolves?

My Ulrik the Slayer arrived yesterday from GW and I'm half way finished assembling the metal Wolf Guard - which will serve as my Lone Wolf.

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  1. I had pretty good luck with Shadow Grey, a Asurmen Blue wash, and then layered highlights of Shadow Grey, 50/50 Shadow/Space Wolf Grey, and Space Wolf Grey. It's a little bluer than the Studio scheme, but I like the colder look.