Thursday, February 11, 2010

Beastmen - 1,000 point list

I haven't played Warhammer Fantasy in quite some time, but I am going to try and give it another go with the new Beastmen. As I am focusing most of my attention on my Space Wolves, I'm going to keep this project small at only 1k. Here's what I'm going to start with:

Wargor - hvy armour, Axes of Khorgor

Bray-Shaman - level 2, hand weapon, 2 Dispel Scrolls

20 Gors - shields, hand weapons, full cmd

5 Ungor Raiders x2 - hand weapons, shortbows

5 Chaos Warhounds x2 - scaly skin

10 Bestigors - hvy armour, great weapons, full cmd

3 Minotaurs - Bloodkine (champion), light armour, hand weapons

1 Chaos Spawn

994 points

I picked up a box of Ungors and the Beast Lord with two hand weapons, which I will use as my Wargor. I grabbed the Ungors first, because it was the least expensive way to get started AND get two units in the list built. Before I drop any more cash, I need to check and see if I have any of the hounds or spawn laying around my basement.


  1. If you are still buying the army, you may want to proxie in for the Gors and Bestigors before putting down the $$. I find my big blocks chaos Maruaders are not that useful - and they play a similar roll to what the Gors will fill. The Bestigors are questionable in value. Too expensive to be a supporting unit, too weak to hang with other elite infantry.

    Minotaurs always served well in the old lists when run with no upgrades other than GW or 2nd hand weapon.

  2. Thanks for the tip. Seeing as how this will be a new experience, I appreciate the heads up. Never played Beastmen before or Chaos for that matter. So what can I use as combat troops?

  3. I think the major combat units of the new book are chariots, Minotaurs and Razorgors. Mount the characters in Razorgor Chariots, or run them with the Minotaurs.

    There is a lot of activity on the Herdstone forums with new lists being playtested. You may want to ask there for comments.