Sunday, February 7, 2010

WFB - Beastmen

It's been a number of years since I've spent any kind of time, playing Warhammer Fantasy. 40k has simply become more appealing to me. That doesn't mean that I exlcude all other GW products. I do continue to collect all codices and army books for all three game systems. But with the release of the new Beastmen Army Book, my interest in returning to Fantasy, at least on a small, limited scale is increasing. I picked up a copy of the army book yesterday and figured that I'd read through it and see what the new book has to offer. The models are fantastic and with the ever-increasing line of plastic models, it's hard to resist. The other aspect I like are the primitive weapons and shields that the new Beastmen are using. What could be cooler than a Space Wolf Grey Hunter adorned with trophies from a fallen mutant?

Over the coming days, I'll read through the book and maybe consider a 1,000 point army, just to get my feet wet. If the interest doesn't stike, at least I'll have some cool-looking bad guys for my Space Wolves to hunt. Can you say Space Wolf custom version of Space Hulk?

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