Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thunder From Fenris and Wolf Substitutes

I know this one is old news, but I finally got around to picking upd this audio book from Black Library and I already listened to it twice. I gotta say that I loved every second of it. Aside from the really bad Arnold Schwarznegger impression, it was a great story. I was in my local GW store today picking up another box of Space Wolves. The audio novel got me thinking about the next wave of Space Wolf models. According to one of the staffers, the second waves traditionally release about six months to a year after the initial release. That sucks. I'm not so hot on the WFB Wolves and I haven't been able to find any cool-looking wolves to use as a substitute. If anyone has any suggestions about any other acceptable substitutes, I'd appreciate a heads up.

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  1. I bought a bag of ten chaos hounds for my fenrisian wolves - snip off their horns and they're the most ferocious looking little monsters you could ever want!!!