Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Comics - Mighty Thor

As with most Space Wolf players, I have grown increasingly interested in Norse mythology. I have begun conducting some research on some of the viking legends (sagas). The viking mythology is filled with mighty heroes, gods, giants, dragons, and monsters of every kind. As a child I poured over comic books (sometimes I still do) and one of my favorites was always the Mighty Thor, the Asgardian God of Thunder.

So I figured would be a fun way to start researching, so I picked up this Graphic Novel. Hopefully I'll find some great background stuff for my Space Wolves.
Meanwhile, on the hobby front, the work continues apace and the painting has started. I'm working on painting my first Grey Hunter. I've got two Grey Hunter Packs, one Blood Claw Pack, a unit of Wolf Guard terminators, a Rune Priest and Ulrik the Slayer all built. I just need to get the Predator and Long Fangs together and then I'll think about maybe getting a game or two in, just to see how they play.

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